mHM release v5.12

We, the mHM community, are proud to release mHM v5.12!

The release can be accessed here:

mHM v5.12


We have added some new features. The most notable ones are listed below.

Command line interface

There is now a command line interface. For example

you can now query the version of mhm you are using

$ mhm --version

or you can access a help:

$ mhm --help

The mesoscale hydrological model - mHM

  Usage: mhm [options] <cwd>

      Description: The desired working directory (optional).

  --help / -h
      Description: Print this help message.

  --version / -v
      Description: Print the version of the program.

  --nml / -n <path>
      Description: The mHM configuration namelist.
      Default: mhm.nml

  --parameter / -p <path>
      Description: The mHM parameter namelist.
      Default: mhm_parameter.nml

  --mhm_output / -o <path>
      Description: The mHM output namelist.
      Default: mhm_outputs.nml

  --mrm_output / -r <path>
      Description: The mRM output namelist.
      Default: mrm_outputs.nml

Notably, the cwd option is very useful if you are working with a lot of different mHM setups. Earlier, you needed to cd into each specific directory and execute mHM. Now, if contains valid mhm namelists, simply type

$ mhm <path>

to execute mhm for this setup.

hourly forcings

mHM can now run with hourly meteorological forcings for precipitation, potential evapotranspiration and temperature.

Release notes

The full release notes can be found here:

mHM v5.12 release notes