Install on Linux / MacOS

Sebastian Müller
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

Install mHM with Conda on Linux / MacOS

  • The Conda package manager: open-source, cross-platform, language-agnostic package manager
    • Miniforge (minimal installer for conda using conda-forge):
    • Install Conda from command line: (works on Linux (+WSL) and MacOS)
      curl -L -O$(uname)-$(uname -m).sh
      bash Miniforge3-latest-$(uname)-$(uname -m).sh  # init conda: yes ; restart shell
      conda config --set auto_activate_base false     # otherwise conda is always active
  • Install latest mHM release in a new conda environment:
    conda create -y --prefix ./mhm_env              # environment in local folder
    conda activate ./mhm_env                        # activate this environment
    conda install mhm

    Now you can run mhm by simply calling the provided command anywhere:

  • Install latest mHM development version in a new conda environment:
    git clone
    conda install -y cmake make fortran-compiler netcdf-fortran
    cd mhm                    # enters the directory "mhm"
    source CI-scripts/compile # runs the compilation for mhm

    Now you can run mhm by simply calling the compiled executable: